You would not treat your friend badly. You would not betray or cheat. You are an honest person. You show respect. You are prepared to do more. To walk over fire and cross waters. Sometimes literally and all the way to Mexico, Peru and Indonesia, and sometimes by being close by.

We stand up for the rights of our friends. We are passionate, just/fair and have community in our blood. We started fairtrade first in 1976 and we have not changed our values. When the competition plays dirty, we rise to the occasion; we are honest and real. When injustice shows up, we face it with love and justice.

By being faithful to our view of society, we spread hope and belief to the world. We make a difference for the whole production chain. But we also make a difference here, where we live our lives. For people we don’t know. Because we can and want to make a better world where everyone is welcome. Where a cup of coffee, tea och a piece of chocolate can be the small action that opens the door.
Eguale – The future is fair.

framtiden är rättvis

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