Organic and quality

Organic farming is about taking responsibility for the planet. This is completely obvious in our business. Quality for us, is a blend of good flavor, sustainability, and pure ingredients without any additives.

Organic certifications

Through our contacts with producers in developing countries we notice how the climate change affect our earth. It is the already vulnerable who are affected first. Today it is more important and self-evident than ever to only use organically grown products produced with the greatest possible consideration of man and the environment.

Here you can read more about our organic certifications.

Certification: KRAV

The KRAV label shows that a product is produced organically and extra high requirements on animal care, health, social responsibility, and climate change. This means that the animals live a good life, the crops are raised without pesticides or fertilizers, that the farmer has better working conditions and that the food does not include any additives or GMO products.


Certification: EU-organic

The European Union has their own certification for organic produce. The certification is in mays like KRAV which is a more common label in the Swedish marketplace. KRAV has in some ways much more stringent regulations than the EU-label, especially when it comes to animal care, the climate and social justice.

Certification: ZeroMission

ZeroMission is a climate compensation that can be used by companies that follow ZeroMission’s guidelines that work with sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental consideration.

For example, Eguale compensates for its boat transports of coffee through a project in Raichur, India, where the efficient stove Chulika is distributed. The climate compensation is Gold Standard and Fairtrade Climate Standard certified.

As with Fairtrade-certified raw materials, Fairtrade Carbon Credits generate a premium for the project, which they use for investments in the local community’s reduced climate impact.

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