Eguale coffee guide

Actually, you don’t need any guidance. You are already here, so on the right path. The fair and good. In Sweden’s widest range of fair trade and organic coffee, it can still feel difficult to find the flavor that makes your day. Now we’ve made it easier!

Find your fair type of coffee!

No matter how you prepare your cup of coffee, we will help you find your perfect combo of fullness, acidity and roast. Is brewed Ethiopian Passion with notes of grape your thing? Or perhaps full-bodied Inca Dark Blend with a smoky aftertaste for you who grind yourself? In a few minutes you can find just the cup of your dreams. Here is your guide.

How do you prepare your cup?

Bryggmalet kaffe

About the design

Brewing tips

Think sustainable.

Preferably only grind up the amount of coffee needed at the time of brewing. And remember that coffee is sensitive, so store it dark, cool and dry in well-sealed original packaging.

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