There is still a lot to do!

We know that there are consumers that take a lot of responsibility, who understand that we can change the world by choosing the right product when we shop. We are grateful for this.

Choose both organic and Fairtrade

If you can choose between different certifications, we feel that products which are labeled both organic and fairtrade are best. This way you can be sure that your coffee, tea or chocolate has been grown without pesticides and that the farmers have been paid a fair price.

Remember that your choice makes a difference!

Is it hard to choose the coffee, tea or chocolate in the store that costs just a little bit more than the conventional products without certifications? Keep in mind that the price difference per cup of coffee or tea is just a few cents more than the “regular” cup. It is these few cents that you pay that make such a big difference.

Make demands in your local store!

Can’t find what you are looking for in your local store? Ask the staff and encourage them to add more certified coffee products into their assortments. Stores adjust their offerings to the requests of their costumers…..

Drink sustainably

Please request that your local coffee shop serves a fairtrade coffee and that your employers buys tea that is both organic and fairtrade labeled. This will give the farmers better opportunites to adjust to more sustainable practices and climate changes as they will be paid a higher price for their certified coffee and therefore can make the investments needed so that we all can enjoy coffee long-term.

Continue drinking coffee.
Enjoy the good things in life.