Fair trade is the soul of our work, our DNA. Since 1976 we have been fighting for a way for Swedish consumers, businesses, and organizations to combat poverty through conscious consumption. The grower should receive fair compensation for their work.

Fairtrade and fair trade

The Fairtrade label is the label we consider the highest standard in social justice and the best criteria for fighting poverty by the product labels that are available today. While you for example enjoy a Fairtrade and organic certified chocolate bar, you also fight against poverty through paying a so called “minimum price” to the cocoa grower. You also prevent child labor. Fair for you and fair for the grower.

Certification: World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

World Fair Trade Organization is a global organization for participants who follow the WFTO’s 10 principals of fairtrade – a trade that provides sustainable wages and helps smaller producers to avoid being marginalized. The guaranteed system of the WFTO is based on these 10 principles.

The parent company of Eguale, Sackeus AB, is a member of WFTO for a long time, but is since 2017 also approved in the guaranteed system of WFTO. This means that Sackeus has a right to guarantee that the producer’s products meet the WFTO standards. This way Eguale has the right to use the WFTO logo on their products.


Certification: Fairtrade

When you as a consumer choose a Fairtrade labeled product you (aid to) ensure that the growers and their employees will gain better financial terms, through criteria that sets standards for higher wages and a minimum price for their products which is greater than the production cost. This, alongside long-standing trade agreements, ensures security for all those who otherwise are marginalized.


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