How it all started.

We have been working with fair trade since 1976 and are driven by the vision of justice for growers and employees in countries with widespread poverty. Eguale is a part of the food company Sackeus the fair trade company. We were one of the first organizations to introduce the idea of fighting poverty by fair trade.

It is actually better tasting.

In the 70s many organizations wanted to start a business that would help people in third world countries to have better conditions. Sackeus was founded based on this vision.

A trading company of food with the purpose to establish trade with small producers in developing countries to stimulate growth and fight poverty in effected areas. We did this by solely trading in foods that had been produced by international criteria for fair trade. And by being partially owned by the Mexican coffee cooperative UCIRI. We still have the same mission: To aid to the wellbeing of people.

Our journey


Early on there was a belief that through fair trade better standard of living for small growers and producers in developing countries would be attainable. Sackeus was founded based on this vision.


For many years growers had been forced to sell their foods to traders at very low prices. The Dutch missionary Francisco van der Hoff Boersma decided to do something about this and in the early 80s he organized a couple of hundreds of farmers (in Mexico). The result is the Cooperative UCIRI. Through this effort the growers can sell their goods at a fair price. UCIRI is today both part owner of Sackeus and its main producer of raw coffee.


van der Hoff Boersma together with Nico Roozen launched the fairtrade label and the trade principle “MAX HAVELAAR”. The initiative spread and it is today what we call Fairtrade-certification.


The brand Eguale was born together with the first organic and fair trade espresso in sweden – Eguale Bukoba Blend. Eguale coffee, tea and chocolate is always 100% fairtrade, 100% organic.


Sustainability is more important than ever. Eguale is celebrating 20 fair years. Our consumers keep raising their demands on social, ethical and environmental justice. We are so happy for this development. Together for a sustainable future!
Kaffekoppning med Francisco Van der Hoff Boersma, grundare av handelsprincipen Fair Trade

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