Goda bryggtips

Now it’s time to prepare your coffee, to get the most out of the flavor we give you some simple brewing tips.

Choice of coffee

The brewer's grind

Whole beans



Dosera 1 kaffemått per 1,5 dl vatten i din filterbryggare, perkolator eller presskanna.
Ställ in kvarnen på rätt malningsgrad beroende på vilken bryggningsmetod du använder. Dosera 1 kaffemått per 1,5 del vatten.
Ställ in kvarnen på rättmalningsgrad för din espressobryggare. Dosera 7-9 gram kaffe per 3 cl espresso.




The entire value chain is important to us so that you get a really good taste in your mouth. Therefore, our coffee beans are grown by various organic and fair trade certified cooperatives around the world. The special conditions in each geographical location leave their unique mark on the taste. We buy directly from the grower cooperatives, the same way we have done since we started importing coffee in 1988.

When the beans arrive at the roastery, we make sure to fully extract the aromas through the gentle slow-roast method. So it’s a bit slow, but the result will be fantastic!

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