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Eguale Women’s Rights Coffee produced by the Unicafec coffee cooperative. The coffee is fully traceable to women, includes an extra premium for women’s development and includes a work program for gender equality.

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Unicafec is a small close-knit cooperative with about 400 members in the San Ignacio province of Peru, which grows high-quality organic and Fairtrade-certified coffee. A little over a quarter of the members of the cooperative are women and it is these women who are the growers behind Eguale Women’s Rights Coffee. The coffee is fully traceable to female growers, includes an extra premium for women’s development and includes a work program for gender equality.

There are many women in the global coffee industry as well. But they are generally not behind desks, they are out in the fields toiling for a pittance. There are many of us who think it’s time to change that, and that’s why we at Eguale are proud to sell “Women’s Rights Coffee.” Of women. For women. But to all people who believe in equality and justice.

The coffee comes from the women of the Unicafec cooperative in Peru. There are many studies that show that women are good at running businesses and lifting their families and communities out of poverty. Often they are more talented than the men. The women often manage up to 70 percent of the work in the cultivation, while it is most often the men who receive the payment for the harvest.

Women’s Rights Coffee is a tool to equalize the differences between women and men, by women organizing themselves, owning land and making decisions concerning the economy of the households and the society where they live. It gives the women better self-esteem and decision-making ability and increases awareness of the role of women in the coffee industry, and the need for gender equality. Productivity and quality in production also increase. Women’s influence means that more resources are invested in healthcare, education and investments in the home and in production.

By buying Eguale Women’s Rights Coffee, you are supporting a group of talented female entrepreneurs. Our coffee is also double certified, both organic and Fairtrade. When you buy this coffee, the growers not only receive an extra payment in the form of the Fairtrade premium, but also a premium earmarked for equality projects.

Flor Merino grows coffee on his farm in the San Ignacio province of Peru. In addition, she is chairman of the women’s committee in the coffee cooperative Unicafec. She wants to inspire other female growers to find alternative sources of income and raise their awareness of gender equality issues. The Women’s Committee was formed to ensure that the female growers can make their voice heard in the cooperative and participate in decisions.

You can find coffee from Flor and the other women in the cooperative in Women’s Rights Coffee from @eguale. Eguale was also founded in 2001. The name Eguale means equality and it is of course an important part for us to contribute to equality.

”As a woman and a farmer, I have lots of dreams and goals, but the main ones are to improve my family’s quality of life; to continue improving our processing facilities to obtain a high-quality coffee, both in terms of production and in the cup.”

Flor Merino, Chairman of the women’s committee, Unicafec

Flor Merino

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