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Kära kaffedirektörer – får vi fresta med en gratis kopp kaffe?

By 16 juni, 2015No Comments

Den här veckan samlas toppchefer från den globala kaffeindustrin i vår hemstad, Göteborg. Eguale är ett litet företag, så vi har begränsade möjligheter att delta i den här typen av aktiviteter, men vi vill i alla ta en chans att få till lite dialog med bossarna.

Visst. Det är ett långskott.

Men det kostar inget att försöka. Och för att de internationella direktörerna ska förstå, så skriver vi på engelska. Hjälp oss gärna att sprida! Kanske får vi napp till slut.

Dear coffee directors, can we interest you in a free cup of coffee?

kaffekopp_litenWelcome to our beautiful city, Gothenburg. We hope the weather will co-operate and put an end to the cold and blustery spring we have had. But on the other hand: if it’s cold and windy, maybe a free cup of coffee would be nice? We think so.

After all, almost free coffee has helped you build large international corporations. (By almost free, we don’t allude to the price that you charge your customers, but rather the price you pay the farmers that produce your beans).

We assume that you like a bargain, so you probably won’t say no to a cup of piping hot Esperanza Dominicana, brewed with care at our office in the mundane industrial estate at Ringön here in Gothenburg.

As a coffee executive, you have great knowledge of the quality of coffee, so we hope you will taste and smell carefully. It should taste just as well as some of your finest premium products – because the quality of your best beans is the same as ours. The difference is that all our farmers got a fair pay for their work. That gives an aftertaste that can never be re-created in a roasting-house.

The idea is called fair trade. At Eguale, we were the first in Sweden to offer that kind of coffee. We only work with fair trade products. During the years we have learnt how we, the people of the West, can do business to make the world a fair place. Our employees will be happy to tell anyone that wants to listen, whether it’s a coffee executive from Switzerland or a perfectly normal Swedish consumer.

So: now that you are here in Gothenburg, pay a visit to our office at Bessemergatan 4. We think we can offer you some important thoughts – and a great cup of free coffee.