Vår nya design

We have created a new design for our packaging so that you can quickly and easily find it on the store shelf, pantry or in the warehouse.

  • The color scale is inspired by the energies of nature: blue for medium rust, green for dark rust and gray for espresso.
  • These three also have their own signature bird.
  • In each category we offer several varieties, all with a unique and colorful label.

Everything to make it fun and easy for you to shop well!


“Many consumers want to shop more fair and organic, but feel that it is not always so easy to find the right products. We have taken this by heart and made a redesign which more clearly shows that our products are 100% Fairtrade and 100% organic. In addition, we have made the packaging a little happier and clearer, it should be fun to do good!” says Jens Baagøe, CEO at Eguale.

Keep an eye out on Instagram where we will present all our lovely varieties.

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