Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden in Sri Lanka

The world’s first organically certified tea plantation is called Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden.

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Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden is the world’s first organically certified tea plantation and is located in southern Sri Lanka at up to 1900 meters above sea level.

The tea plantation supports up to 500 families divided into different districts. With the help of the Fairtrade premium, the workers and their families have gained access to, among other things, a data center where there is the opportunity to take courses in computer management and the internet.

Premien har också investerats i daghem där deras barn får vistas under arbetsdagarna, äldreboende samt tillgång till fri sjukvård. Arbetarnas förutsättningar till ett bättre liv förbättras på så sätt i projekt efter projekt.

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